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We are the Friends of the Masbrough Chapel and Walker Mausoleum, 
we were set up and now run by concerned members of the public. 

September 2012 - Latest updates on the News page


March 2012    

By now most of our “Friends” will have seen the devastating fire which burned for two days, that took hold of the Masbrough Chapel last week. The Rotherham Advertiser ran a front page lead on the story and I’m sure we don’t have to remind anybody of the historical importance of this site to Rotherham.

I also wrote a letter expressing my personal opinion on the demise of the Chapel, (here) in which I said the council were culpable in the neglect of the building because they did not pursue the owner over the “1968 legal agreement” or for his duty of care to a listed building. Several other people wrote letters explaining how important the chapel was in their lives. Our website shows that particularly in the 1920 - 30s the Chapel took on a social role in the community. A bowling green was built by unemployed men for them to enjoy and classes in boot repair and other things were held to help them through the Depression. So it was not just a monument to the Walker family, important though they have been, but also a part of Masbrough.

A renewed interest has arisen in the Walker iron foundry’s part in building the cannon on HMS Victory yet this was allowed to happen to Samuel Walker’s grave, his Chapel and the Mausoleum. The council have secured the finances to reroof the Mausoleum and its immediate surroundings and we have to ensure that this proceeds. As to the future of the Friends group the committee will be meeting up to discuss how we go forward. To this date I have not been contacted by any member of the council so I cannot give any idea on their thoughts on the future for the site. We will send out a newsletter when we have made some decisions.



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